Custom Operator for embedded links to IRF Forms in email notifications

Discussion created by jdafoe on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by davethecoder

With PAM 4.0 SP1 came the possibility to dynamically create embedded links to IRF forms. Specifcally, the Assign User Task operator now has a TaskID operator variable which could be used to create the link. An example of how to use this is documented in the 4.0 SP1 Content Designer Reference on pg 380. Bascically, an IRF form is assigned and an email is simultaneously generated with the a direct link to the IRF Form. I took this idea and wrapped it into a custom operator since I knew it would be something that would be used over and over again. I have attached an export to this thread. Hopefully someone else will also benefit from it.

To use it, you fill in all fields as usual except now in the body of the email message, you can use a special keyword of __FORM_URL__ which will automatially be replaced by a link to the assigned IRF Form. To access the values entered by the user on the IRF form, in the post execution code of the custom operator, you can reference the fields like this:

Process.data_entered_by_user = Process[OpName].taskResult.form_field_name

where taskResult = a valuemap containing the entire operator dataset from the original Assign User Task operator
where form_field_name = the name of the form field on the IRF form that was assigned

NOTE: Modifications to the process path from the custom operator will be needed before this works for your environement but other than that it should work fine.