IDMS IPCS Report Writer

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Jul 21, 2012
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Hello Everyone,

A new version of the IDMS IPCS Report Writer (IDMSREXX) has been posted to the User Contributed Library today.

While the file that is posted has a suffix of ".ZIP", it is NOT a zip file. Do not use any of the zip utilities to unpack it.

The file is tersed copy of a PDS which contains the REXX and its support tables.

Simply upload the file, AS BINARY, to your mainframe and then use the AMATERSE to unpack it and it is ready to use as is.

You can also merge it into an existing REXX library or replace your existing IDMS IPCS Report Writer runtime library with this one.

As always, if you have problems, let me know.

Also, if you have other ideas for reports let me know that as well.

Enjoy, Chuck Hardee