CA DLP Tuesday Tip: Restricting Access to iConsole Resources.

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CA DLP (DataMinder) Restricting Access to iConsole Resources posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 24 July 2012.

Traditionally the CA (DLP) DataMinder iConsole has been managed through user privileges either applied directly (applied as default as part of a Reviewer role) or indirectly to the user account. These privileges still exist in CA DataMinder r14.1 and control can be applied by granting or denying with privileges such as "Events: Allow Content Search", "Events: Allow Event Search" and "Admin: Allow iConsole Dashboard Search". Further granularity can now be offered within the iConsole my configuring the iConsole behaviours assigned to specific User Roles.

As discussed in the earlier Tuesday Tip here, CA DataMinder r14.1 introduced a new feature which allows DataMinder Administrators to configuring the DataMinder iConsole based upon a User roles.

The versatility in this functionality enables an Administrator to restrict reviewers access to searches and/ or resources like Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) reporting system or Content Indexing Servers. These configuration settings are applied by logging onto the CA DataMinder 14.1 iConsole with an Administrator account and going to the Administration tab and selecting the down arrow to display the available options and selecting "Roles Assignment".

You will be presented with the "Manage Assignment of Resources to User Roles" screen, where you can control access for Managed (ie Administrator, HR Reviewer, User etc.)and Unmanaged user roles (users not assigned a user role but with iconsole access). From here you can edit the settings to control "Settings that control the behaviour of the iConsole", "Portlets that are ready for use on the homepage", as well as Available Searches and Reports".

For more information on Configuring the iConsole for User roles, please refer to Chapter 10 of the CA DataMinder iConsole User Guide Release 14.1 (DLP_iConsole_ENU.pdf), which is available to download from the CA DataMinder 14.1 bookshelf.