911 EM Regex Engine

Discussion created by Srikant.Noorani on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by Srikant.Noorani
Seems like something changed in 9.1.1 EM regex ( may be in 9.x)
engine that what used to work in 8.x isn't working any more. For e.g. the
following search string

.*Bytes In Use.*|.*Bytes Total.*

would used to give us both "bytes in use and bytes total" metrics but not any
more in 9.1.1. It now brings in ONLY bytes Total.

In this situation if you put parenthesis it seems to work but I've got loads of other example that isn't seems to be right.

the implication of this is huge and having an impact on regular investigator
search, CLW queries, mgmt module, domains.xml etc big big big

Any idea if something changed in 9.1.1 EM regex engine