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Clarity v12 Gantt Problem

Question asked by chris.h.stewart on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2012 by another_martink
I'm currently experiencing an issue with being able to expand tasks when looking at the Gantt chart for any given project in Clarity. We are using v12 of Clarity and I have IE9 on my machine. I go to a project, pull up the WBS view of a project's tasks and click the Gantt button. A new IE tab launches and the Gantt for the project is displayed with all of the tasks collapsed. When I try to click on any of the + icons to expand a task, nothing happens. The Gantt view has an option to select a cursor that will expand/collapse rows, but even having this cursor selected does nothing. Has anyone encountered this problem before and if so, what do I need to do to fix it?