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Best Approach to determine Primary Roles and Parent Roles

Question asked by SNRoberts on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by another_martink
We are beginning an expansion of our Clarity 12 installation to include basic resource management. Initially, we will be using clarity on an annual basis to assign people to projects. This is strictly for an annual budget exercise. The end result will be 100% of our 1400 or so employees being allocated 100% to CapEx and OpEx projects in Clarity. I'd guess there will be about 200 active projects.

We plan on asking PMs to create requisition requests, by person, or by role and OBS location. These requests would then be filled with actual people by the booking managers. Again, this will not be a continuous activity, it will be a snapshot in time that is performed initially on an annual basis. I'd like to get some community feedback on setting up roles. I imagine it will become more clear as we work through the details, but here is what we have done so far:

A. Split up the organization into 5 main groups
B. A lead for each group, assigned roles to each employee in their group
C. I collected the entire list, and I'm trying to narrow it down to a reasonable amount

I think their draft is way too detailed, so I'm sacrificing some specificity to get to a reasonable number of roles, but I'm struggling to understand what the important details are when doing this.

1. What criteria should I use to determine if I'm on the right track narrowing the number of roles?
2. What is your experience with Parent Roles and how do you use them?
3. What other general thoughts do you have that might help me avoid pitfalls?

Thanks, Scott