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Abrupt Task Finish Date Changes

Question asked by murugavel.muthukrishnan1.1 on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by Owen_R
Our users have been complaining a lot offlate about random changes in their Task Finish Dates. Though I am sure these Finish dates movements aren't as random as they seem, I am unable to pin point the root cause.

So what normally happens is that the user comes to us with a certain task and says the Finish date randomly moved to '6/3/2079', our users work a lot on MSP and I have an inkling this is where the issue started(I can definitely be wrong here).
my first instinct in such cases is to check the 'Audit Trail' and it shows up 'Clarity Support'(super user) as having made this change.

Any idea here? I need some direction as I am not an MSP expert.? Also, why '6/3/2079' and not some other date? what does it mean?

Please do help me out here, I'm afraid there are lot of unhappy users out there. Any help is greatly appreciated.