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Collector Talking to to Active/Passive APM Database

Question asked by Srikant.Noorani on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by MaryGreening
So we have a cluster set up where one active MOM is talking to two collectors. The collectors also talk to MOM APM database installed on the MOM

MOM ( active) MOM ( passive)

Now this works fine. If for any reason there is a failover and passive is now active then how would collectors' APM db connection switch over to passive which is a different IP.

there are couple possibilities we know

1. Host apm database on a separate server so that collectors always talk the central DB which would remain same in case of EM failover

But we have a slightly different situation where APM is installed on the MOM box. So we tried specifying two connection strings in tess DB .xml file so that if collector can try both IPs and will connect with ever IP is workng/active.But looks like test db.xml does not take two connection strings :(

The other option is

1. Set up a DNS with two IP's for active and passive mom and specify the DNS in collectors tess db .xml file so that collector can check which ever is active ( if active is down the collector gets connection exception on that and it automatically try the second IP in the DNS )

Wondering if anybody run into this situation and how they resolved