Notifications customization with HTML v13

Discussion created by Chris_Shaffer_hcsc on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
There is a known bug where if you schedule a report, and share it. That the person who it was shared with gets an invalid link to the report library. (Fixing it in 13.1)(exists in 13.0 and 13.0.1)

I am working on tweaking the notification itself but have found an odd behavior and hope that I am overlooking something simple. In the notification itself, I am replacing the report URL with the URL of the library with instructions for the user on how to search for the report id. The problem is that if I paste the URL in there, the subsequent system generated attributes in the email are formatted as hyperlinks.

How can I configure my notification to have a custom HTML link?

Picture #1 - Out of the box notification.
Picture #2 - Edited the notification, except for the report URL (oob)
Picture #3 - Replaced the OOB report URL with the link to the library. (I used both straight paste and html hyperlink tags and both produced the same result)