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What is the best Approach to prepare the Sandbox for Upgrade

Question asked by shalinee on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2012 by shalinee
Hi All,

We are planning to start the upgrade process from Clarity V12.0.4 to V13. I just wanted to know, what would be the best approach to start with preparation of sandbox . I am thinking to follow the below steps.

1- Application Server with Hardware setup is ready for Sandbox as per PAS of V13.0.2
2- Database Server with Hardware setup is ready for Sandbox as per PAS of V13.0.2
3- Created the same directory structure as in existing production application server for Clarity Folder, Tomact and Java.
4- Install Java on San box Application as per PAS of V13.0.2
5- Create Environment Variables for Clarity and Java and Edit the Path setup
6- Copy the Existing Clarity Production Server File structure of Version CA 12.0.4 to sandbox for V13.0
7- Install the Tomcat and verify it
8- Verify the property.xml file
9- Add/Deploy/Start all the services and verify them

I am not sure if there is any other best approach to prepare the sandbox same as the existing Production setup.

Any Suggestion is much appreciated.

Also we have medium level of customization in our environment like changes in Clarity OOTB Xml's, vxsl's files and many custom java files, .class files custom jars to call the custom java files and .class files.

Daily we are generating/getting 5-6 flat files using java jobs as inbound and outbound interfaces.