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Hyperion Planning with or vs. Clarity

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by Dale_Stockman
We have an opportunity to start using Clarity for managing CAPEX on Assets, some stand-alone, some associated with projects.

My demo of the Asset object, linking of assets and projects went very well, using Clarity v13. However, there is one requirement that I think Clarity can't handle: The ability to display the Cost Plan Details from several related assets, at the same time, in an editable view. Editable is the key - if an NSQL based portlet can do this, then this is something new that I'm not aware of.

So, Hyperion Planning enters the picture, another tool that we own. Of course, it can do this one thing that Clarity cannot do. The other other advantages of Clarity, both short and long term, are well understand, but are not swaying my customer in favor of Clarity - the short term issue, "Hyperion can do this one thing that we really like," is winning out. Also, my customer asked about 'conditional formatting.' For Clarity, I think the only conditional formatting that is avaialbe is RED for negative currency values.

So, questions are these:
1 - is anyone aware of a means to produce an editable listing of multple Cost Plan Details in Clarity?
2 - has anyone used Hyperion in conjunction with Clarity, as a front-end, and if so
a-what were the deciding factors?
b-how well is this working?

Using Hyperion Planning as a front-end to Clarity seems like an expensive way to go - as both require licenses.

I guess another option might be to develop an HTML based portlet which could read/write these related Cost Plan Details. If this could be done by invoking XOG or through WSDL via this custom portlet, expect we'd remain in compliance with the MA.

Another option might be to use a bi-directional Clarity-Excel integration, like the one ITROI is offering.