CA DataMinder 14.0 bookshelf has been updated

Discussion created by Bill_Peterson Employee on Aug 7, 2012
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The 14.0 CA DataMinder(DLP) documentation bookshelf on CSO has been refreshed with various changes.

[*]14.0 Archive Integration Guide 5th Edition no longer includes the ImpFile.ParticipantsFromNBAFilename import parameter. This feature is no longer supported
[*]14.0 Error Code Reference Guide 2nd Edition includes updated Exchange Sever Agent log codes
[*]14.0 Network Integration Guide 3rd Edition includes extensive minor corrections and clarifications, particularly in the Bivio and Linux Server software installation chapters. This guide has also been retitled to Network Integration Guide for consistency with other CA DLP integration guides. (Previous editions were titled Network Implementation Guide.)
[*]14.0 Network Release Notes are now listed separately in the bookshelf. Previously, these were included within the main CA DLP release notes
[*]14.0 Policy Guide 4th Edition includes advice on how to filter by URL in traffic crossing the network boundary
[*]14.0 Release Notes 7th Edition includes new known issue, 'Incorrect Timestamp For Events Captured Immediately Before DST Ends'

You can find the new bookshelf on the recently renamed CA DataMinder (DLP) page on CSO:
Documentation Bookshelves on the CA DataMinder Product Page

Or here:
CA DataMinder 14.0 Bookshelf