CA Process Automation Sample Processes for CA Service Desk Manager

Discussion created by MWNiebuhr Employee on Aug 8, 2012
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CA Process Automation Sample Process Definitions for CA SDM

The sample CA Workflow Process definitions provided out of box in CA SDM 12.6 (Order PC, Problem Analysis, and Change Management), have been converted to process definitions to be leveraged by CA Process Automation 3.1. The attached zip file contains the following:

1.) An XML file with all of the Processes, SRF's, IRF's, Custom Operators, etc required for implementation of processes.

2.) A PDF file with setup, configuration, integration, and Best Practices information. It also contains a screenshot demo of all Process Definitions 'in action'.

Located on the Process Automation Best Practices Page.
Please note we are working to roll the Best Practice information into the standard product page for CA Process Automation; these links may not be valid in the future.