PMSMFEX & Version 18

Discussion created by ChuckHardee on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by Gary_Cherlet
Hello Everyone,

Is anyone running with Version 18, PerfMon, and writing to SMF?
If so, are you using PMSMFEX to extract the PerfMon data from the SMF log file?
If so, are you executing any of the canned PMAM or PMIM reports?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, I would like to pick yur brain, if you don't mind.

In an nut shell, a little over a week ago we turned on SMF writing for PerfMon.
We are getting data written to the SMF log and, not completely, PMSMFEX is seeing said data.
When we run PMSMFEX to extract the PerfMon data, we get 0 records in SYS020 and we get numerous records in SYS030 and SYS040.
On one of our LPARs we have 3 CVs running. I have customized the PMSMFEX module in IDD to provide selection to create the 3 files by CV.
When I execute with any one of the customized modules, I get the same files I get if I run the uncustomized version.

In all cases, SYS020 NEVER gets any data written to it.

Since there is code specifically tagged R180 I suspect that unless you are executing Version 18 you probably aren't having these problems.