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Replace Status Indicators on General Page w/ Status Report Indicators

Question asked by cshah on Aug 15, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by navzjoshi00

Past information:Currently within a project, our project managers are asked to update the status section which is found on the Properties Tab/General subpage containing the overall status indicator, Schedule indicator, Effort indicators selected by the PM, and enter a high level status comment.

Additionally they are also asked to enter a status report on the status report subpage where they enter status summary details and also select a schedule, scope, and cost/effort indicators. As you can see this is a duplicate documentation on their part.

Challenge:What we would llike to do is replace the general subpage items with the status summary details, and the indicators selected when entering a status report and the overall status.

Question:Has anyone attempted to replace the status section attributes with the status report subpage attributes? We had explored this dilemma in the past and believe I need to use GEL however, i have never used GEL (know basis SQL) so can you point me in the right direction or how I can go about this?

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