Clarity Tuesday Tip - How Datamart Extraction Job Affects TSV

Discussion created by Connie_Fu on Aug 16, 2012
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Many thanks to Kathryn Ellis for providing the sources on this tip!

Fiscal time scaled values in places like cost plans and Chargeback allocations use the fiscal time periods defined within each entity. Non-fiscal time scaled values use calendar time periods prepared by the Datamart Extraction job.

An example of where standard, non-fiscal time scaled values are used is the Resource Planning > Weekly Allocation portlet

The job create new time periods by calling the stored procedure NBI_POPULATE_CAL_DIM_SP

When Datamart Extraction job is run for the first time it populates the NBI_DIM_CALENDAR table with 2 years worth of calendar structures: weeks, month, quarter, etc. Subsequent runs of the job will ensure that enough calendar periods will be created to cover as far as Clarity's data curves extend to. These data curves include information such as allocation, availability, actuals.

If the Datamart Extraction job has not been run for a while since it's first run, or if it has not been run at all, you can expect a problem with standard TSV (non Fiscal) not showing data even though the slice data exist.