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TypeViewer: In TrafficLight threshold negative values possible?

Question asked by pebege on Aug 16, 2012
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I searched the interwebs and could not find a solution to this problem:

For monitoring the online/offline status of a server I wrote an EM-script, which creates metrics where the value "1" represents online and "-1" represents offline. So far so good.
I want to create a TypeViewer which pulls data from metrics which have a value of either "1" or "-1" (on/off) and displays this status in a TrafficLight component. My thought was to have the TrafficLight display green when status=1 and red when status=-1.
But the threshold property only allows me to define top-down values, like "1" for green and everything above red. When setting "-1" as the warning-threshold, the TrafficLight shows red for value "1" and "-1". I definitely want to keep the metrics this way and the TrafficLight to behave the other way.

I hope you can see my problem there and help me out.

Many thanks in advance,