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Question asked by alberto.tenmoron on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by JRom

We are using AC 12.5 SP4 Enterprise Manager on Windows platform.

We implemented a PMDB arquitecture on Enterprise Manager where all endpoints are suscribed and in order to manage user provisioning to seosdb of all them.

When we try modify or create hundreds of users in the Parent PMDB the subscriber don't receive all of this modifications.
The problem is that the subscriber PMDB is unavailable. The modifications are executed very slowly and amount of this whith "Policy model is not
responsive" message or similar.

We have 3 levels of PMDBs. The last level have 40 endpoints subscribed.

In Access Control v8 we have 1 PMDB that propagate user updates to 250 endpoints and it nver fails !!

Anybody has implemented pmdb arquitecture with Access Control 12.5 / 12.6?