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nikuxog_resource.xsd Error SYS_C009061

Question asked by Lowell on Aug 22, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2012 by nick_darlington
After upgrade to v13, I am testing my XOG processes. One of them, I am updating resource information using nikuxog_resource.xsd

I get the following error when I attempt to write values now:

check constraint (NIKU.SYS_C009061) violated

This "Check Constraint" says column: "ATEMULTITIME" IS NOT NULL
This field is in Table: PAC_MNT_Resources

Now, the nikuxog_resource.xsd does not seem to have a reference to a field called "ATEMULTITIME". Anyone know how to get around this new and improved improvement in the improved v13 system?