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Advice on installing a new PAM Cluster

Question asked by kevwong on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2012 by kevwong

Is it possible to implement a new PAM Cluster without using Apache (as described in the tech tips article)?
We have an existing load balancer that I'd like to use to direct traffic between a Primary Domain Orchestrator and Secondary Orchestrator.

We are running PAM in a Windows Server 2008 environment using MS SQL.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated =).

Thank you!


Ok ... as a follow up I now have:

1 Primary Domain Orchestrator
1 Secondary Orchestrator

Both share a repository database and seem to be in working order. Anything I create or run on either Orchestrator is visible from the other. Both Orchestrators have their SOAP WSDLs exposed and available.

Is this approach correct? Is there another recommended approach to take?

So many questions ..... =)