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Change resource Dept on a Transaction

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by Dale_Stockman
Have some transaction errors created, where a user (admin) changed a resource's department prematurely in Clarity before it was updated in a our PeopleSoft master data set. This master data set overwrote the admin's change, but not before transactions were recorded against the wrong department.

Also, we've had issues with resources converting to timesheet based transactions from imported transactions (they've moved from a different part of the company), where inflight transactions from their old system are imported into Clarity after they've already been assigned to their new department in Clarity.

Now, we need to correct these transactions, assigning them to the correct (previous) resource department.

Have not found a means to do this, not even in Clarity 13. When creating a WIP Adjustment, many attributes can be changed on a transaction, but not the resource's department. Looking at the nikuxog_transaction.xsd file, appears that even by xog, there is no means to assign a department to a transactions other than to the department that the resource is currently assigned to - meaning that there is no way to process inflight transactions correctly or to correct transactions that have department errors.

Is this correct? If not, how can one fix such errors? Does one have to reverse such transactions, change the resource's department back to its previous value, process the transaction and then reset the resource back to their current department?

If so, "Ugh!" Or, can we just do an SQL Update on the transactions, directly?