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Recovering from a System Error exception

Question asked by neville.styles on Aug 29, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by neville.styles
Hi all,

We have a process that, in part, loops through an array of touchpoints to perform the same task on each in turn. This works really nicely.

However a problem occurs when one of the agents is not reachable. The process enters the exception handler and after the necessary logs are written, the process terminates. The system is set to automatically recover but in this instance this is not what we want to happen - if a single agent in the loop is unreachable, we want the process to continue looping through and applying the change to all other agents. The exceptions are logged and can be reviewed.

I tried adding a custom port on the operator to capture this - the expression I used was Process[OpName].ResponseCode=="SYSTEM_ERROR" but to no avail. How can we amend the process to continue where it left off when an agent is unreachable, rather than entering the exception handler?