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How to JumpStart an CA Identity Minder (IM) Sandbox Environment

Discussion created by Alan Baugher Employee on Aug 29, 2012
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Hello All,

I put together a deck that I use for training associates and clients with the complex and integrated features that IM provides.
This process is also useful for validating use-cases and what-if scenarios prior to any implementation within a development or production environment.

From the deck:

Purpose: The intent of this document and presentation is to increase the knowledge and confidence of consultants and clients with the CA Identity Minder/ Management solution, enterprise-class web application server and database, and a high performance directory solution.

Audience: Help Desk Personnel, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Analysts, Architects

Effort expected: 8-16 hours
Time counted from downloading to running a full provisioning use-case from a feed to an endpoint.
As user become familiar with the process, the time expended will drop.

Knowledge Required: Some experience with Linux commands (vi, su, ln, cp, etc.)
Basic understanding of Directories, Databases, Java, Web Application Servers, Log4j

Footprint: Environment will be able to run as a single image on a user workstation/laptop with minimal resources but provide a reasonable response for use-case testing.

Steps: The methodology used will build the solution from the bottom-up, e.g. Virtual Tier/OS/Network tier, Data tier, Mid-Ware Tier, Top Application Tier, with clear milestones.

Licenses: Community and/or developer license components will be used for non-CA software. {Note: User is expected to have access to licensed versions of CA software to follow along with the steps in the deck.}

Final Note: This environment is expected to be used[u] ONLY for training, development, or a sandbox.  This environment should[u] NOT be used for a production or production like environment.

As new software service packs become available, some of steps in the deck may become redundant or obsolete. YMMV. -_-

Please provide feedback if you find this of use or see an area that needs clarification.


Alan Baugher