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jsafe.jar jsafeJCE.jar (Integrating SiteMinderV6 SP6 with PingFederateV6.6)

Question asked by bvsnraju.4209050 on Sep 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by aadhi-asokan
Hi Everyone,

I need to integrate SiteminderV6 SP6 with PingFderateV6.6 using Siteminder integration KitV3.3 in the RHEL 5.3 environment. To do this setup i need to deploy three jars files in PingFederate setup.
1) smagentapi.jar

In Siteminder integration KitV3.3 they have mentioned Contact Support to receive the above jar files. I installed the Siteminder SDK agentV6.6 in the environment, after installation i found only the smagent.jar except jsafe.jar and jsafeJCE.jar. But installation files has Cryptoj.jar. Can i use this Cryptoj.jar instead of jasfe.jar and jsafeJCE.jar or I need to CA support to get these jar files?

Please suggest me on this?

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