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Failed to open the connection

Question asked by deepud on Sep 5, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by Juan_Ortega
Hi Experts,

I am unable to view a report from Clarity.. i get the dreaded rpt-007 error.
On viewing a Crystal report from CMC/Infoview (right click --> view), i get the following error..

Error in File ps_4ee472dfc521050.rpt: Failed to load database information.

If i schedule the report in BO to 'run now', i get
Failed to open the connection. ~tmp36df732cf983900.rpt Details: [Database Vendor Code: 12154


BO Server
64 bit
Oracle 10 g client s/w
BOE 3.1 SP1

Reporting Database Server (DB server)
64 bit
Oracle 10g

- The report runs perfectly in the designer.
- I have double checked the 'Database Configuration' into for the report in CMC. All seems ok.
- Can tnsping and connect via sqlplus successfully from 'BO server' to 'DB server' and back.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!