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Question about using PAM for infrastructure maintenance, many agents

Question asked by m.anthony.robinson on Sep 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by Andy_Thompson
We are using PAM 4.0 SP1. We are looking to utilize PAM for managing our infrastructure of servers. We have multi-thousand servers in a distributed environment (i.e., not consolidated). What we mean about that is we wish to create processes in PAM which control the environment itself (e.g., script execution, write a file, etc.).

How we were intending to deploy/implement this was to have an agent at each server. We thought we would have multiple touchpoints for each, where a touchpoint would be logically associated to an application for example, and there are many applications at each server.

We learned that our version of PAM (with the exception of auto-admitting a single touchpoint when agent is registered) has no means for externally creating touchpoints, i.e., it must be done manually via the GUI. Clearly manually managing such a quantity isn’t acceptable.

Does anyone out there (for whatever version of PAM) utilize PAM for managing infrastructure? Is anyone using PAM with many, many touchpoints in lieu of a handful? How are you managing your touchpoints?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!