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Task converted Milestone MSP 2007

Question asked by jpereza on Sep 8, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by jpereza

We have Clarity and apply three patches

- first patch applied
- second patch applied
- third patch applied

none of the patches has solved our problem.
We are using MSP 2007

Steps to recreate
1 create project
2 assign resource
3 0% allocation
4 create a task
5 assign task resource
6 launch MSP 2007
7 Task Is converted milestone

Then we try update Clarity from to 12.1.2 and issue is not solved

This is related with:
CLRT-65359: MSP: When Resource Allocation is 0%, Tasks with actuals are being set as milestones upon loading into MSP from Clarity

Which is the patch or version that solve this issue?

Thanks for all,
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UPDATE: works great then of apply
Issue resolved please change status to resolved
Thanks for all