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When we run the crystal reports from clarity which is calling an stored procedure it is producing duplicate rows. We found that the

stored procedure executed twice. The same happening when we execute from we contacted SAP.

SAP Resolution: In the database configuration CMC the settings must be set as "use original database logon information"..

However when we run the report from clarity database configuration suggested by SAP has changed automatically to "use custom database logon information"

So the report is getting failed when running from clarity.

When raised a case with CA they confirmed that it is a bug "
CLRT-69150 Logon option in 'Database Configuration' for Custom Reports
modified when called from Clarity".

The behaviour you report has previously been discussed with Development

and they have confirmed that the behaviour is as designed and happens when

the report isnotbuilt with a Universe Connection.

We cannot use an universe as we have customised fields or run from outside clarity.Then literally it means not use CABI itself.

How other customers are using crystal reports calling an stored procedure which is an very common and effective way in Database. We need an workaround.