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Time Slicing Job Frequency

Question asked by Mathan114 on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by steve_seaney

We are running he Time Slicing Job once in every 30 minutes. Our "Post TimeSheet" job runs once in every 15 minutes.

1. We want to determine if there would be an improvement in performance of Clarity Application, if we make our Time Slicing Job run more often than once in 30 minutes.
2. We are unable to see the log details of the Time Slices jobs which runs every 30 mins. It is getting erased from front end, nor it is getting stored in Scheduled Jobs Log table in DB. How do we find this information?
3. How to find the duration of scheduled Time Slicing Jobs run.
4. Is there a way to find out optimal scheduling of Time Slicing Job based on other scheduled job and volume of data?

Please advise