Listserv Rules Clarification

Discussion created by lindajcasey on Sep 13, 2012
As we draw near to Friday and the migration from the listserv to the communities message board nears, I want to take a few minutes to add some clarity to the discussion of cross posting and the usage of the information posted, especially as this concern has come up more than once.

The information posted on the listserv and the communities message boards is used by many of our members in presentations, problem resolutions and more recently for cross posting. The wording in the IDMS-L Rules was amended and posted over a year ago to cover this point, so that the information within our community can flow freely without restriction.

Please see the red highlighted section of the current IDMS-L rules below, which speaks to this point.

Finally, there have been several requests from the IUA membership, in alignment with the Board’s vision, to ensure that the communities environment include ALL information from the old website AND prior listserv posts. Therefore, we have been, and will continue taking steps to ensure ALL prior posts, to the extent possible, are carried over.

IDMS-L Rules

The IUA is happy to provide services to help IDMS professionals communicate.

Two LISTSERVs are supported:

IDMS-L Intended for all postings related to just IDMS

IDMSVENDOR-L Intended for conversations about third-party software.

If you are interested in just IDMS, you should only join IDMS-L. If you are interested in hearing how third-party software products and services might help you and your organization you should also join IDMSVENDOR-L

As the list owner the IUA reserves the right to post information relevant to IUA business and that supports CA IDMS and related products.

[color=#e70909]By participating in the IDMS-L or the IDMSVENDOR-L, you grant permission to the IUA, IDMS User Association, to use, publish, and distribute your posting for any purpose.[color]

How do you send postings to the IDMS-L?

First become a subscriber and then send e-mails to

How do you send postings to the IDMSVENDOR-L?

First become a subscriber and then send e-mails to

All IDMS-L and IDMSVENDOR-L Subscribers are expected to:

Communicate professionally and courteously

Although opinions are allowed and encouraged, all comments should be kept professional and respectful of all parties.

Respond with only enough of the original message to convey original question

Respond with messages that add value; sending "Me too" or "I agree" replies are unnecessary

Stop auto replies - either unsubscribe, set yourself to Digest Mode or set auto-replies to not reply to listserv messages

The Listserve does not allow attachments. Attachments should be sent directly between users. If you believe this file would be helpful to a number of IDMS-L users, ask the IDMS-L Admin to post the file on the IUA Website.

All IDMS-L subscribers are expected to:

Limit discussions to IDMS and the IDMS Tools products.

All IDMSVENDOR-L subscribers are expected to:

Reply directly to sender for inquiries about
Purchasing/Selling 3rd Party software
Any offers of corporate/personal technical services

Submit all discussions concerning third-party software products via IDMSVENDOR-L.

If mail is non-deliverable for 5 consecutive days or 20 attempts, the subscriber is automatically removed from both IDMS-L and IDMSVENDOR-L

Inappropriate Activity

Inappropriate activity by subscribers can cause the subscriber to be removed from the LISTSERV. The inappropriate activity includes but is not limited to these actions below.

IDMS-L does not allow

Posts that compare products or discuss third-party software. Discussions of third-party software products should be confined to IDMSVENDOR-L.

IDMS-L and IDMSVENDOR-L do not allow

Commercial advertising or promotion of service offerings

Inappropriate language in any part of the posting including user names and addresses

Comments about the administration of the LISTSERV ( any comments should go to IDMS-L-Owner@IUASSN.ORG )

Issue resolution that should be with the vendor

Discussions concerning database conversions off of IDMS or database migrations to other platforms/databases.

Disparaging comments against other list members, ethic groups, companies, or types of companies.

Job Postings

Dealing with Inappropriate Activity

Depending on the severity or frequency of the problem, the subscriber's postings will either be banned from posting or monitored for a time period

The time the subscriber will be banned from posting is up to the LISTSERV administrator and the IUA Board.

Appeals can be made to IDMS-L-Owner@IUASSN.ORG if desired

Linda J. Casey, PMP, CSM, MSEd
IUA International Chair