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r12 installatom - nikuadmin reports install - failed

Question asked by on Sep 13, 2012
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please help, I try to install reports after suceessfull database and xdm and i geting this error .

C:\niku\clarity\bin>nikuadmin reports install
Installing reports...
Source = bo\biar\mssql\CA_Clarity.biar
Failed to install reports: C:\niku\clarity\lib\bo not found.
Error occurred: C:\niku\clarity\.setup\scripts\reportsBO.xml:14: C:\niku\clarity\lib\bo not found.
Check admin.log or use -verbose for more information.

I tried to copy this BO folder from another installation where BO are working and i get same error but after many lines.

please check admin.log because I really dont know what is problem.

I follow guide, set BO deatils (username administrator and pass for this instalaltion and use them in server properties reports tab. i can run this


but i am not able to find this

"4. Make the following changes:
Note: These settings are the recommended settings for a typical Business Objects environment. The settings may need updating based on your reporting environment.
Crystal Cache Server
Maximum Cache Size Allowed: 512200 (default=256000)
Minutes before and Idle Connection is Closed: 10 (default=20)
Page Server
Minutes before an Idle Connection is Closed: 10 (default=20)
Minutes before and Idle Report Job is Closed: 20 (default=60)
Report Application Server (RAS)
Number of database records to read when previewing or refreshing a report: Unlimited (default=20000)
Number of records per batch:1000 (default=100)"

nexy i would like to upgrade PRINCE2 and Accelerator.

thanks for help