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Portfolio in v13 and unapproved projects.

Question asked by chris_shaffer on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by chris_shaffer
In v12, when you were looking at the scorecard for your portfolio, you could filter on approved or unapproved projects. In v13, that filter is gone and it appears that it forces you to only see approved (status field) projects.

Has anyone been able to get a workaround for this? I tried all the tricks with synchronizing and no luck. There is nothing hard coded in the filter and I even tried the power filter. This happens with both the out of the box scorecard and the PMO Accelerator scorecard.

Unfortunately even after xogging out the portlet I am unable to see anything that would allow me to change the filter.

Does anyone have a workaround or something obvious that I am missing here?