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Best method for implementing a JVM "Offline" check

Question asked by joeg84 on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by bwcole
Hello all,

I'm looking for ideas on the best way to implement an alert for an offline JVM. Essentially, I'm looking for the most reliable way to monitor and alert if the Weblogic process that I'm monitoring has died. I tried using the Custom Metric Agent (Virtual)|Agents|serverName|WebLogic|agentName|Connection Status metric, but it looks like this metric stops reporting after about a minute and a half of the process being down. I, unfortunately, need the alert to stay valid until the process is restarting and has reconnected to the Enterprise Manager, as I would like to continue sending pages every 20 minutes until service has been restored (or the alert has been disabled).

Any assistance you can give is appreciated. I understand I might be able to do this with Calculators, but I was really hoping to have only 1 metric grouping, and use wildcards to roll all of my agents under this one Metric Grouping.