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Frontend and Backend Association

Question asked by Jonathan.Lapuz on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by TelmoDuro1309287
I'm fairly new to Introscope so my experience with building pbd files is still green. I have a situation where I need to associate database calls in the Backend metrics to the ASP.NET Frontend page that originated the process. From my testing on the sqlagent.pbd and the dotnet.pbd, it appears that the "{database}" information present when DbCommandTracer/DatabaseBackendTracer are ran is not present when BlamePointTracerDifferentInstances is ran for ASP.NET|{classname}. When I check the investigator on any given trace stack I see the a page eventually goes to a database backend call. I need this association so that group my asp pages by their respective databases. How would I get the database name associated with the asp page that called it.

Any information or suggestions on how I should approach this would be helpful.