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Good morning.

I was able to get this working after support let me know there was a working example in the out of the box PAM 4.0 SP 1 install.

One thing that may help you is to change : 'com.sqlserver.jdbc.Driver'
to: ''

Thank You,

If you would like I can send you the entire script that I use to populate the drop-downs in the form on-load.

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Subject: [PAM - General Discussion] RE: Functions?

populateDataInTable: function()
var callBack = new Object();

callBack.onSuccess = function(result)

callBack.onFailure = function(caught)

queryGroupList: function()
return "SELECT [last_name] FROM [mdb].[dbo].[ca_contact] where [contact_type] = 2308 and [inactive] = 0 order by [last_name] asc";

Trying to get data back from sQL server. Keep getting OasisException. Anyone known why or what this mean?
Posted by:ken_huynh
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