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Email notifications to PM based on timesheet tasks?

Question asked by tomthor on Sep 19, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2012 by TerriEchegoyen4207684

I could not find anything specific to this in the forums but I apologize in advance if this has been answered. I would like to set up a Process that does the below.

Finds submitted times
Locks the timesheets
Send an email notification to the project managers based on the timesheet tasks of the resource
Allow the project manager to approve the task (we have added an approved field on each task for this)

I am struggling with creating a process script that looks at a timesheet, looks at the task and then emails the project manager who owns that project/task.
Additional steps will be needed to deal with returns timesheets however, I think that part is ok.

We are keeping the general premise that resource managers approve timesheets, but we need project managers to approve the tasks. It is possible to assign the timesheet to assign groups, but I am looking to do this per individual project manager.

My gut is telling me that I will need a GEL script to
1. First extract the project manager email for each timesheet task (group by task)
2. Send the notification.
3. Do some assigning/Or permit project managers to approve task levels.

I’m pretty sure this has been done a couple of times and I would be very grateful if anyone could possibly shed some light. Are any of you running PPM with a similar rule?