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Reorgs and OBS Changes

Question asked by greg.neujahr on Sep 19, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by navzjoshi00
Hey Folks,

I inherited some administration tasks for our hosted on demand instance of Clarity PPM. Unfortunately, I'm still somewhat new to this, and my training sessions are still a few weeks out and I could use some help.

We've recently had a reorg within our group. A few departments have changed names, or move underneath another department, and a few have been added as well. I've found the 'Departments' sections in Clarity and was able to rename the affected departments (they are okay with the ID's being the same for now), and have added the new departments. At this time, we aren't making any departments obsolete, but that may be something they decide to do in the near future. I've seen a few posts saying that the best way to handle this is to create an 'Obsolete' department, and move the defunct ones under there. However, some projects may move to a new OBS and we want to maintain the cost history and roll-up with the project. I've seen a few references that it's neccessary to consider the historical impact, but no specific details on how to ensure the finnancial history and departmental costs move with the project.

As an example, suppose that the ID change was mandated and I needed to create a new department and move everything into the new OBS. Once I move the project, how do I get that financial history for the department to come with it.

On a more simple level, what would be the best way to deal with reorgs? If there's a procedure or manual with suggestions in it, I would appreciate a reference to it.

Thanks in advance for any of your help!

- Greg