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Instance right: View Resource Allocations

Question asked by Koen Gryson on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by Dave

We are on Clarity 12. We have a requirement that all time writers should be able to see their own allocations: Resource > Allocations tab.

These resources are all linked to a "Time writer" security group with very limited rights.

The global right "Resource - View All" can't be used as they should only see their own properties.
The instance right "Resource - View" grants access to the Allocations view (per resource), but this implies adding this instance right to each resource individually (which we would like to avoid).

Is there an advised method of doing this (expect for an xog upload which links this instance right to each resource)?

Ps: Having the possibility to select something like "Self" (instead of named resources) in security groups on instance rights level would actually solve this easily :)