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Clarity Install Error 12.1

Question asked by jpereza on Sep 22, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2012 by nick_darlington
Hi guys,

I am trying of install Clarity 12.1 on Windows 2008 Standard R2 x64 and then the beacon service is being created the installation ends abruptly and service finally is not created and appears a Microsoft Error in CMD
"The service is not responding to the control"

- I tried of realize the installation using command force to advance despite errors, but does not work.

- I have an account with administrator rights

- I have created the environment variables (NIKU_HOME and JAVA_HOME)

- The Windows Path was modified adding the environment variables

- I don't using blank spaces in the paths

I found other similar case, but finally I don't understand as was able of resolve

I have been able to install above Clarity 12.1 in the same environment and I had no problem

Honestly I'm going crazy in the search of one solution.

Which causes the error?
What do you think about this issue?

Thanks for all