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Performance Issues - On Demand

Question asked by AndreaMcV on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by johri08
Hi all,
We are running on the SaaS environment and our Production system is absolutely crawling.

CA has pointed us to a number of queries that were crawling along - but they were all standard out of the box portlets (Investment Timesheet Review)... I looked at the code, and while it isn't elegant, it isn't the kind of thing that should bring the system to its knees.

We have only been live with timesheeting for a couple of weeks, so the record / user numbers are very low.

We are worried that if these issues continue we will be faced with a user revolt.

Has anyone had similar issues so that we can point CA in a reasonable direction? We are at their mercy a bit, being on the hosted environment, so any hints would be much appreciated.
We are on v.12.5.0. No issues on Test and Dev.

Thanks very much,