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Searching the message boards and the use of tags ?

Question asked by emburyd on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2012 by emburyd
Specifically at this time, I am looking for compatability issues for IDMS R17 running on zos 1.13. The DBA Issues catagory has no less than 250 pages of threads. Is there a way of searching the thread names/descriptions for occurrences of certain text (like "zos 1.13")?

On the second page of listings in the DBA Issues category I found a thread started by Gary Cherlet on zos 1.13 and old (pre r17) releases of IDMS and I can see at the top of his message that it is tagged a number of times - one of them being a tag for "zos 1.13". (a) how does one tag your posts and (b) assuming people are using tags for their posts, is there a way to search the category for all posts with a specific tag?