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How to Specify Relative Path to Custom Folder Structure in BO

Question asked by Genentech_Srini on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by Rajini
We are on v13. We currently do not use the inbuilt integration between Clarity & BO.

Since we have a new required to execute with "one-click" from properties page, we are experimenting with it.

Reports that we place in Clarity's standard folder structure i.e. Public Folders -> CA Reports -> CA Clarity run fine.

But we connect to our enterprise BO installation, our standards dictate that we use the enterprise standard folder structure for placing reports. E.g. Public Folders -> Informatics -> Clarity -> Project Reports

So, to execute the reports in this folder, I specified the executable name in the Clarity Reports and Jobs -> Report Properties page as follows: ../../Informatics/Clarity/Project Reports/<Report Name>

But I get the following error when running the report:

The path node '..' does not exist in the repository.

I tried various other combinations:

../Informatics/Clarity/Project Reports/<Report Name>
/Public Folders/Informatics/Clarity/Project Reports/<Report Name>
/Informatics/Clarity/Project Reports/<Report Name>

But none of them work.

Any ideas ... is anyone using BO installations other than what CA provides?