CA Tuesday Tip: Finding orphaned dependencies in WAAE 11.x

Discussion created by panro05 Employee on Oct 2, 2012
CA Autosys Tuesday Tip by Rommel Panergalin, Sr. Support Engineer

When you have migrated your jobs to the next or new version of WAAE, you may want to find out if your job stream has any orphaned dependencies. What orphaned dependencies relate to, are jobs that are dependent on other jobs, as defined in the job definition. But the predecessor job definition does not exist. To find this out you can run this command at the command line:
jil -V batch < /dev/null

If there are any orphaned dependencies you will receive a message similar to the following:

CAUAJM_W_50258 *** WARNING: The following Jobs have starting conditions that depend on nonexistent Jobs:

Job Name Missing Condition Job Name
------------------------------ --------------------------------
bogustest bogus2

CAUAJM_I_52301 Exit Code = 0

In my example, the job name is bogustest, it is dependent on a job called bogus2. But job definition for bogus2 does not exist.