CA DLP (DataMinder) Tuesday Tip - Lookup Mail flags.

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CA DLP (DataMinder) Tuesday Tip for 2 October 2012 published by Andrew Devine, Snr. Support Engineer.

Email applications such as Microsoft Outlook allow senders to assign importance and sensitivity to e-mails. CA DataMinder r14.1 introduced the ability to analyze a mail flag through a DataLookup in a policy trigger. The Datalookup example below detects confidential e-mails with high importance:

msgattr where sensitivitylevel = 3 and importancelevel = 2

The numeric attributes, with zero representing the lowest level of significance, can be used to test for individual levels of significance or a range of significance.


Tests email importance levels, where:

1=Normal (This is the default level.)


Tests email sensitivity, where:

0=None or not set. (This is the default level.)
3=Confidential or Company-confidential


Tests email delivery priority, where:
0=Low or Non-urgent
1=Normal (This is the default level.)
2=High or Urgent

For more information on msgattr lookup commands please refer to the CA DataMinder Policy Guide (DLP_Policy_ENU.pdf), which is available to download from the CA DataMinder Documentation Bookshelf here.