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Question asked by v.sundar on Oct 4, 2012
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Regarding the PerfMonCollectorAgent, when ever i execute the below mentioned command in command window, getting the following error. Any idea how to overcome the error or rectify the same.

D:\Program Files\CA APM\Introscope9.1.1.0\wily\bin>PerfMonCollectorAgent binPath= "D:\Program Files\CA APM\Introscope9.1.1.0\wily\bin\PerfMonCollectorAgent.exe" start= auto DisplayName= "CA APM PerfMon Collector Service"

Windows Service Start Failure
Cannot start service from the command line or a debugger. A Windows Service must first be installed (using installutil.exe) and then started with the ServerExplorer, Windows Services Administrative tool or the NET START command.

Same command is given in .Net Agent Implementation Guide


My OS is Windows XP (Test Env)
My Introscope Version is

V. Sundar