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Unable to create project baseline in OWB

Question asked by mei_fm on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2012 by mei_fm

We have 3 projects experiencing problems in creating Project baseline in OWB. When they clicked Tools > Baselines > Multiple Baselines then New, a new baseline will be created BUT in the view the Baseline Start and Baseline Finish columns are all blank when they should have dates in them

Then when we did, Tools > Baselines > Set Baseline then Project, the Baseline Start and Baselien Finish columns were not blank BUT the new dates were not reflected, the old dates were the ones transferred to the Baseline Start and Baseline Finish columns

When we did selected task baselines, seems to be no problem. When we did project baseline in Clarity, it was ok but then when we open OWB again and tried to create a new project baseline then the problem still persists
The problem is only when a Project baseline is being created in OWB.

I logged a case to CA Support and sent him our files but as of now, no definite answers from him yet as he is still investigating. We tried using other browsers as one of the ca support's suggestions but to no avail.

Has anyone of you experienced this? How were you able to solve it?

By the way we are using Clarity and OWB 1.2.1

Thanks in advance.