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How to configure timesheets

Question asked by jpereza on Oct 7, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by jpereza
Hi guys,

Now in our company we works with user groups and permissions, however we are evaluating the option of to use timesheets, in this point we raises some doubts:

1 - For to use timesheets is necessary the creation the OBS?

I saw that you should create a financial institution and enable the currency to be used, as well as creating a location.

May I have the following steps of how to work with timesheets?

I understand that you must define the period to which you want to work, such as weekly and then sheet must be enabled for the resource time to complete their work hours in projects or other activities, Once completed this information should submit it for approval to the project manager the approval, and finally the resource manager approves and runs the posting of hours work

I understand that this is basically the life cycle,
could give me guidance on what documents I can read in order to implement this functionality?