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Question about MSP/mpp information stored in Clarity server

Question asked by DaniPerez on Oct 8, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by sundar
My question are:

I know MSP files or at least specific data from mpp is stored in Clarity, in the following good post, Jenn wrote about it:

where is stored the mpp files in Clarity server?
how Clarity notice about the MSP version in order to retrieve or recreate a new mpp file?

Supposing data in clarity is ok but each time I open a project in MSP I see wrong dates, customized columns, wrong constraints etc.
is possible to delete the customized .mpp/MSP information in Clarity in order to force to create a fresh project in MSP just from Clarity info?

Other intersting thing if I open a project in MSP, from "Project information, Advanced Properties, Custom" I can see wrong data related to local paths, etc.. i.e nkRespool= local path to disk.
can I delete all these fields, save to Clarity, and expect Clarity overwrite this info the next time?

Ms. Project Professional 2010 v14.0.6106