Debugging ADSO Dialogs ppt presentation

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Oct 9, 2012
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I have just added a PPT Presentation about using ADSALIVE to debug ADSO Dialogs to the IUA/EIUA Community Document Library - here is the description -

[color=#1d11c8]In this PowerPoint Presentation we will explain how to use ADSALIVE to debug ADS dialogs by:
[list][*]Setting breakpoints
[*]Running the application, and
[*]Viewing and modifying data at runtime[list]
We will also see how ADS Trace can shed some light on common run-time problems, this will include using OLP effectively to see the trace output. [color]

The URL follows - but you will need to be signed in to download - cheers - Gary cool)

Debugging ADSO Dialogs by Gary Cherlet