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To make changes to NSQL or assign new NSQL for portlet after i created the

Question asked by Riya on Oct 8, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2010 by marlon
Hello CA Users,
I just started using my CA to create reports and i'm a begginer. Everytime i want to add new column or do changes to saved NSQL it wont allow me to do it. So i delete all nsql>>portlet>page etc to make any simple changes

Do i need to delete everytime to make changes? Is their a way in clarity to test whether NSQl is working as expected?
To check my report i have to create NSQL>>portlet>>portlet page>link then view it. Is thier something easy that i can view for testing purpose. and if it looks good i can do the required steps.

Please let me know. I really appreciate all your help.

Thank you